Sunday, April 22, 2012

CGM confusion

My CGM (Thunder) Doesn't like it when I'm sick.  Its confused, I think.  I have bronchitis and sinus infection and haven't had a voice since Thursday.  I've had a fever and have slept a lot and eaten...well...not much.  I've still been running high and I know thats normal, but Thunder is constantly either double up or double down arrows (accurate about 50% of the time) OR consistently 220 or 80 for hours at a time, even when I eat and KNOW there should be fluctuation.  3 or 4 times now I've had to change it over 150 points one direction or another.  At work tonight it said I was 248 (which I didn't question until I got dizzy because I was expecting to run high) when I tested I was 64.  Last night it said I was 81 and when I tested I was 309!!!  Grr...and then the other half of the time it was spot on.  Is this normal?

In other news, I went to Sioux Falls for work last week and had the BEST week ever!!  I LOVE the store I got to help out in, already had friends that work there (which made it even more fun) one of my best friends lives there and just had her first baby so I got to spend all kinds of time with them:
(Brooklynn Rae)
Another of my best friends came up from about an hour away and spent a couple nights with me, and a friend from another store was training to be a manager in this restaurant so I got to spend a bunch of time with her!  Oh, and a friend from home just moved there to manage a new restaurant that is opening in Sioux Falls - the opening was while I was there so I was able to go and support him as well :)
(My friend Mike)
It was SUCH a great week.  There were two managers in training while I was there, which would normally make me want to pull my hair out, but since it wasn't my store and my only job was to run a shift, it ended up being a lot of fun.  I keep remembering that I wanted to put this conversation on here.  One of the MIT's was...ugh.  I don't have a good word for her.  Dreadful.  And that's being kind.  This is what happened.

MIT: Hey!  Do you chew??
Me: uh, no?
MIT: Whats that big bulge in your back pocket?
Me: oh, its called a CGM.  I'm a T1 diabetic and its this cool little device - that I affectionately refer to as Thunder- (she didn't even smile.) that checks my blood sugar every 5 minutes.
MIT: oh.  I'm hypoglycemic.  
Me: yeah, thats not the same thing. (under my breathe of course)

Then for the next 2 days whenever she saw me test or look at Thunder she made sure to let me know that she was having trouble keeping a consistent blood sugar.  I wanted to punch her.  Not for that, but because everything she did was irritating.  That just added to it :)

Tonight I was catching up on my blog reader and I read something about how in 1997 most people were just getting internet in their homes.  I think it was 1998 when we got it.  I have no idea when we stopped using dial up, but it occurred to me that even 10 years ago this kind of support wasn't available.  I'm reminded often how lucky I am, as I catch up on my google reader and drink my coffee in the morning, that the information and insight and... camaraderie that I gain from that 10 minutes in the morning is right at my finger tips and these people who are actually strangers to me, feel like friends that I've known for a long time.  Tonight when I realized just how recent this kind of technology is compared to the length of time that some of you have had diabetes, I was reminded again of how lucky I am to have access to this stuff.  Not just a CGM or a pump, but also to the minds of people who are so similar to me...

That's all for tonight :)