Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Because there wasn't much to say...

"Does your employer/school/friends know you have diabetes?  Why or why not?"

This is a DSMA blog carnival question and...well, I like these.  

Yes.  My employer knows for several reasons.  1 - when I was originally (mis)diagnosed with type 2, I left work to go to the clinic because my vision was so fuzzy I couldn't see much of anything.  I missed the next couple days of work, and the company I work for is pretty small, so everyone knew why I was gone pretty quickly.  Beyond that, many of the people I work with are my friends, so of course I told them.  
Probably about half of the people I work with now know too.   Although I was diagnosed with type 1 over a year ago, the last 6 to 8 months have been a true time of adjustment for me - first, learning how important taking care of myself is, then learning how to use an insulin pump, and now using a CGM...all of those things have a learning curve and I'm not the most graceful person on sometimes diabetes has been a loud part of my life.
My friends know...they know I have type 1 diabetes.  Most of them know that prick my finger a lot, and because I'm not shy about my devices, they know I wear stuff...but I don't think any of them really KNOW (that's not true.  My friend Emily is a nurse, and she has been a very involved member of my diabetes circle since I moved back to St.Cloud...I appreciate her so much for that.) Even my friends that I share some of my diabetes thoughts with...that I'm low or high or feel like crap...that one of my batteries is going dead or I want my insulin to last until I get home to change my infusion site...they don't get it.  Maybe because they don't want to, but probably because they don't know how.  And that's completely okay.  But sometimes,  lately especially, that's a really lonely thing.  My mom would have gotten it.  She would have asked annoying questions and questioned my blood sugar constantly, she would have called me to make sure I didn't die in the night and it would have driven me crazy...but she would have gotten it.  Just another one of the many things I miss about her.

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