Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pretty colors and organization

I like colors, I like bright, shiny objects and more than that I like it when things are organized...I live by the motto "a place for everything and everything in its place".  I don't try to, it just happens and there are often times I wish I could turn it off...but I can't.  So, I put things away, I buy those awesome little rubbermaid plastic compartment things, most recently, I got these cute, tiny Pampered Chef bowls that I just know will somehow help me organize spices or baking powder the next time I cook (As you know, baking powder needs a little more structure).  I'm also fairly new to this Type 1 - I'm constantly thinking about the state of my blood - thing...and while I hate waking up low, I really hate that I must be high because my eyes feel heavy feeling, I don't like that my hands are gross, red and dry from washing them 80 times a day just to stab them without apology...but more than anything else, I hate how disorganized all my supplies are!!!!  Okay, well, if you know me at all, you already know that the day I had more than one item to control I went out and bought it its own home (probably with a colored lid and handle), but its not enough.  It took a few times to find a needle I was comfortable with, and I saved the old ones (obviously) as back up, so I've got ten thousand needles roaming around, test strips, lancets, the case my meter came with, an old meeter, old lancets, old test know what the "stuff" consists of.  Either way, it'll probably need its own room soon...or at least its own closet...or shelf in the closet.  Whatever.  So.  there's a lot of stuff.  I contain it the best I can.  But when it comes to organization...Well...I really like it.  Lets leave it at that.
There isn't much I like more than knowing things are well organized (everything in its place...) except maybe creativity and colors.  My meter case is orange and pink (yeah, I'm 5, I know) I have fun matching skins on my meter and I used the outside to decorate my lancer.  When I'm bored I put stickers on my insulin, my computer has a skin on it, my retainer case is decorated with puffy paint...I LIKE to be creative.  I didn't say artistic, I said creative.  There's a difference ;)  Anyway, today I discovered that there are all kinds of sites that provide creative, colorful, organizational mechanisms for diabetes supplies!!!  Until tonight I was...curiously optimistic about a pump and CGM's...but did you know they make skins for those too?!  And these handy little totes!!  The organizational part of my brain is breathing a sigh of relief and the crafty side is overwhelmed by the possibilities!!  The practical side thinks that not sticking myself 20 times a day sounds like heaven and not having to stop what I'm doing, wash my hands and prick myself to have an idea of what my body is doing sounds kind fantastic too.
Technology is really cool and although my journey with T1 is only beginning, I'm already incredibly thankful I'm dealing with it now and not 30 years ago.  What creative people find to make technology more compartmentalized and user friendly, is even cooler. 
What brought that on?  Today I followed a blog and found this (!!!):

Todays question:
You are on a deserted island, what would you take with you?  Diabetes related?  I guess insulin.  non D related? my cat :)  My cell phone...with some form of solar charger :p

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