Monday, November 7, 2011

Tomorrow's another day.

Do you enjoy exercising?  Why or why not?  Once I'm done with it, I love that I did it and I feel great.  Getting started is the hard part...but I suppose most people feel like that!  I can definitely see a change in my BG when I exercise though.

I ate what I do every morning for breakfast, cereal and milk, perfectly measured out, with the same amount of insulin I take every time.  Normally I try to eat lunch between 4 and 5 hours later and on a "normal" day I'm in the low hundreds (provided I didn't eat anything when I did my line check).  Today, 218.  NO idea why.  So, I heated up my lean pocket, figured out my carbs, added 2 for being high, did my shot and ate lunch.  2 hours later...230.  Seriously??  So 6 hours after lunch I make dinner, test again and I'm still over 200!!  SO frustrating!!  I did everything right today even!  So, I ate dinner, then I was frustrated and figured it didn't matter, so I ate chocolate cake for dessert.  I gave myself a shot for it though...more than I needed to, then I went for a walk later tonight and when I got home I was low.  oy.  Tomorrow's another day...

It wasn't just my blood sugar that was off today.  It was a decent day, slow at work and I got a lot done...but it felt off.  So really...tomorrow is another day. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I'm the same way. I hate exercise and it's so hard to get started. But I'm always feeling great and proud and like I accomplished something once I finish. And yes, I do see a big difference in my blood sugars - I wish I could use that as motivation when I don't feel like exercising.